Good ol’ Joe

As I always do around this time of year, I've tried to buckle down and focus my research. I have been all over the place, honestly, and its resulted in me not getting far on anybody. I'm crossing my fingers that I can force myself to research one tree in completion before moving on to… Continue reading Good ol’ Joe

DNA research, Genealogy

How I’m using Ancestry’s new Thrulines

When announced their new Thrulines program was going to replace the DNA Circles, I have to admit I was stoked. I never really understood the Circles or what they actually meant to me so I pretty much just skipped over that tool completely. Thrulines replaced that concept with one that, to me at least,… Continue reading How I’m using Ancestry’s new Thrulines


Genea Wishes for 2019

I read a post today from Down Home Genealogy (you can find it here) where Devry gave a recap of things that she had 'wished and hoped' for in 2018. Reading her post, it got me to thinking about how often I, and possibly you do it, too, simply forget to look at all the… Continue reading Genea Wishes for 2019


Alien abduction in 1870!

I have decided that the entire family of Andrew Jackson Trim, his wife and six of their children were all beamed about a spaceship with E.T. in June of 1870. There isn't any other logical explanation of why they are all completely missing from the US Federal Census for that year. Do you ever run… Continue reading Alien abduction in 1870!